Where can I discuss Burstcoin with other miners, traders and enthusiasts?

2017-08-23 01:27

Burstcoin is a largely community driven coin. There are many different places where you can discuss the coin, other cryptocurrencies, and talk about general off-topic things.


Discord is an application that can be used as a web-app, a mobile app or a desktop application. It is primarily used for gaming communities, but is also commonly used for other tech-based topics, such as cryptocurrency. Discord can be used without downloading anything or even creating an account, but it is highly reccommended that you create an account and download the application on any device.

Some of the Burstcoin related discord groups are linked below:

Burst Discord

BurstNation.com Offical Discord


There are three forums for Burstcoin

GetBurst Forums is the newest forum with the goal of leaving all of the arguments and drama within the Burst community outside of its walls. It was started by ryanw, a member of the Burst-Team forums, and also an admin of the Burst Discord. 

BurstNation is a Burstcoin fan forum. It has become the largest non-offical Burstcoin forum because of it's founder, youtuber Adam Guerbuez AKA MisterBurst. There are forum pages related to Burst, General Cryptocurrency Discussion and some off-topic discussions aswell. BurstNation is a good place to start for beginners because it contains downloads, and tutorials for almost everything to do with Burstcoin.

Burst-Team.us is an official Burstcoin Forum. The forum is more focused on Burstcoin than BurstNation and usually contains more detailed explanations of Burstcoin features. Many advanced Burstcoin users go to this forum as they can discuss more technical features.

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