How do I (securely) access my burst wallet dashboard from a remote computer?

2017-08-23 01:59

Provided you have a wallet on a remote (linux) server, and that remote server does not have a desktop environment you can easily access, here is how you can display your wallet dashboard on your laptop.

You can use ssh local forwarding to have a local port forwarded over ssh to your remote server and port, like this:

ssh -L 8888:localhost:8125 root@your-remote-server-ip

The user does not necessarily has to be root, it can be any other user with ssh access. The local port (8888 in this case) can also be anything you want, just pick a high number that is not currently in use on your local machine and it will work.

 Then, open up your browser and type http://localhost:8888 and you will get the login screen!


Tags: burst, dashboard, forwarding, port, ssh, wallet