How do you run a local wallet?

2017-08-23 01:57

1. Download the latest wallet software here:

Unzip it somewhere you want, you dont´t have to install it.

2. Download the blockchain database here:

Unzip it. The zip file contains two files: "" and "burst.trace.db".

3. Copy "" and "burst.trace.db".

4. Go to the location, where you unziped the wallet software, you should have folder named like this: "burstcoin-1.2.8". The numbers in the name of the folder could look diffrent, but this is nothing to worry about, because this is just the version number.

Inside this folder there should be a folder named "burst_db".

5. Open the folder "burst_db" and paste "" and "burst.trace.db" into it.

6. Now go back to the folder "burstcoin-1.2.8". In this folder there is a file named "run.bat". This is a batch script that will start the wallet. Every time you want to start the wallet, you have to click this file.
Click it.

7. This window should pop up:

Your local wallet is starting up give it about 10 minutes to start up.

8. After about 10 minutes, go to http://localhost:8125.
You should now be able to login to your wallet, that is running on your computer.


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