How can I set up and install a Burst local wallet?

2017-08-23 02:00

Goodplanets here and in this instructional I'll be talking about setting up your local BURST wallet.

There are many BURST wallets on the interwebs, local and online, but in this instructional I'll just be talking about one wallet in particular, the local wallet. It's light weight powerful and highly stable once you adapt it to fit your computers capabilities.

First of all you can get your local BURST wallet from the developer himself at Github.

Here's the link:

Make sure you have the latest version of Java 64bit installed on your machine by the way.

Now extract the download to your desktop or to the directory of your choice.

I use 7-zip to extract my files because it's free. you can find that by googling 7-zip.

Now that you have the wallet extracted the first thing you'll want to do is add a simple line of code in the run.bat file to limit the programs RAM usage.

Update the run.bat batch file in the wallet using notepad to limit ram usage. This prevents java from crashing if the network is really busy.

This line will limit ram if placed properly in the run.bat code.

                 '-Xmx*n*G -Xms*y*G'

 -*n* = largest amount of acceptable ram the wallet/node will consume e.g. '2'

 -*y* = least amount of acceptable ram allotted to the wallet/node e.g. '1'

  *n* must be less than total available ram on your machine.

This code must be placed here in your run.bat file.

Great! now you have a super stable wallet. Next let's sync your wallet to the BURST blockchain.

You can sync your wallet to the BURST blockchain one of two ways.

  • One way is to download the chain from scratch.

Your wallet will begin to sync by downloading the blockchain from scratch automatically when you start it up.

Just double click the run.bat file we edited. This may take a little while.

  • Another way is to download the database from a trusted source and insert the database into the proper folder within the wallets directory.

Here's a link for a database that I trust.

Once you've downloaded this link you'll want to extract or unzip the file using the decompression software of your choice to the proper directory within the wallet's folder: burst_db if it's not there create a new folder and name it 'burst_db' before extracting.

You'll want the contents of your wallet's 'burst_db' folder to look like this:

Now that you have a blockchain database in your local wallet's 'burst_db' directory double click the run.bat file. Your BURST wallet will likely need to sync the last % or so of the blockchain, it will do this automatically. Syncing from this point should only take a moment.

Here's an image of a french BURST wallet syncing so you can sort of know what to expect.

While you wait for your wallet to sync let's expand your peers list so you have greater network connectivity. Here's what you do:

-Open your local wallet's directory and open the folder titled 'conf' and edit your wallets '' file in notepad to include a large list of well known peers.

-you can find a peers list on the forums. here i'll post the link.

I suggest placing this peers list after "nxt.wellKnownPeers=" and "burst.rebroadcastPeers="

Great you've got a super stable wallet fully synced with robust connectivity with the BURST network, your Ballin' out of control!

Now what's next?

See what's next in my next BURST instructional here on Steemit about securing your wallet with a strong passphrase and naming your BURST wallet and other general wallet functions.

As always, like, comment, share and subscribe and Happy BURSTing


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