What do the numbers in the Ninja Pools mean ?

2017-08-23 01:55

A number of people have asked what the various columns on the pools mean, so I figured I'd put out a post explaining it all.

On the left hand side:


Account and deadline should be pretty self-explanatory.
The Share value is the percentage of how much you'll earn of the Current Block portion get if we mine this round.
~Reward is approximately how much you''ll get paid from the Current Round Portion portion if we mine this block.

Likewise on the right hand side:


Account is obvious.
~Capacity is an approximation of your plot size. If you use Blago's miner it will be acurately reported by the miner, otherwise it's estimated off your submissions. If you mine on multiple machines using Blago's miner, only the capacity of one of them will be reported.

Share is the % of the historical portion you'll get if we mine this block.
~Reward is approximately how much you''ll get paid from the historical portion if we mine this block.

When the pool mines a block you'll get paid the Total of the left hand and right hand rewards for your account, after 4 more rounds.

The coin pays out 60% to the miners in the round we won, and 40% based on the historical value.

The historical portion is based on your submissions for the last 50 rounds.

The numbers in Total Earned are as follows:

The last or only number is the total amount of Burst you've earned from the pool.

The first number(s) (if present) will be followed by a letter which have the following meanings:
D - Burst earned but not yet paid out.
Q - Burst queued to be paid out.
U - Burst paid out, but not yet confirmed.

Payouts occur when your balance is over 300, or your payments have been deferred for 360 rounds ~ 24 Hours.