Is there a burstcoin calculator to help me figure out ROI on burst mining?

2017-07-02 21:17

Yes, there is a calculator. You can use it here:

Burstcoin Calculator

There is also a currency converter on the page that converts Burst to Bitcoin, USD, and EUR.

People end up being unhappy with the calculator a lot though, and I'll tell you why. What the calculator does is estimate the probabilit of your mining a block over time. So, it takes the current difficulty, and then tells you about how much Burst you should earn each day/week/month. In reality, you will earn different amounts every day...maybe even zero, or maybe thousands! This is just an average over a long peroid time...a month's worth of mining would give you a better idea.

The other thing that the calculator doesn't take into account is that the difficulty changes. The mining difficulty has been steadily increasing, so every miner will continuously be earning less and less over time.

So, this is a nice tool to use for an idea of what to expect, but your actual results will most likely be different.

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