What do I need to start mining?

2017-08-23 03:34

To get started mining Burstcoin, you will need: 

  • A computer, of course.  A desktop PC of some kind is ideal.
  • A steady internet connection (very little bandwidth is used).
  • Some free open-source software: Wallet, Plotter, Miner, Utilities, etc.
  • A free Burstcoin account (created within your wallet).
  • A few coins so you can set your reward recipient, if desired.
  • Some hard drives (more is better).

In order to mine your hard drives, you will need to plot them first.  In order to plot your drives, you will need to make a Burstcoin account.  The more plotted hard drive capacity you actively mine, the more Burstcoin you will potentially earn.  Of course, you can mine Burstcoin using any type of storage device that can be scanned by the mining software, but the best price-to-performance ratio is found with large capacity hard drives.  Therefore, to be effective at mining, you will need a machine capable of plotting and scanning your hard drives as quickly as possible.