How do I set up a Burstcoin Wallet and how do I keep it secure?

2017-08-23 01:59

A burstcoin wallet is fairly easy to set up. The easiest and fastest way to set up a wallet is to use an online wallet server. I will show you how to make sure this wallet is secure.

Step 1) Go to an online wallet. I recommend This Wallet as it is well known and secure.

Step 2) Unlike what most tutorials would say, I do not recommend pressing "Don't Have An Account?". Go to the website "" and use this tool to generate 5 random passwords that are 20 characters long.

Step 3) Open up a text file and paste these five passwords ALL ON ONE LINE and save.

Optional Step) Save the newly generated password in an encrypted password storage application such as Lastpass or Keepass.

Step 4) Go back to the Wallet webpage and paste your newly generated, 100 character password into the "Passphrase" field and then press the arrow.

Step 5) To secure the wallet, fund your account by visiting a faucet site to get a few free coins. A commonly used one is Make sure you enter your Address which can be seen on the top left of the wallet page (It begins with "BURST-"). Make sure you DO NOT enter your passphrase!!!!!

Step 6) Wait a few minutes for the funds to be transferred.

Step 7) You should now see that your wallet's account balance will be 1 or 2.

Step 8) In the top left you should see "No Name Set" click this and choose a wallet name. You may also be asked to enter your passphrase again.

Step 9) Wait a few minutes for the transaction to be confirmed!

You are now ready to begin using Burstcoin securely.

Remember to NEVER give ANYONE your passphrase!


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