Which plotting method should I use?

2017-07-04 23:59

The best plotting method for you will be the one that can be setup quickly and reliably, so that you can start mining coins ASAP. There are two methods for plotting. One method uses the CPU and the other uses the GPU to plot. Each plotting method will have advantages and disadvantages.

While the GPU plotters are typically faster, the main drawbacks are that is more difficult to setup initally, doesn't work well with Nvidia GPUs, and the plots will be not be optimized (once the plot finishes, you will have to go back and optimize it with another program; you will need two times the size of the plot to convert an unoptimized plot to an optimized one).

Conversely, the CPU plotters are slower but the setup process is straight-forward using the all-in-one (AIO) wallet and the plots will be optimized from the start. Unless your CPU is much older than your GPU, I recommend using the CPU plotter and setting the thread count to 2 less than your total thread count. For instance, a quad-core process with hyperthreading such as the 7700K has 8 threads, you would set the thread count to 6 threads. This leaves extra CPU overhead so you can use your computer while you plot.


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